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Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Review

Sephora - $49
Ulta $49

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Includes : Palette (duh) , Dual Ended Brush & Mascara.

- I first noticed this palette on the Sephora website a month or so back, When I first saw it I was like “okay looks like any other one” but for some reason I was quite intrigued. I had seen the LORAC Pro before & didn’t care too much for it & I also thought the eyeshadows were pretty small to be honest. So while we were leaving Disneyland last Friday we stopped into Sephora to check it out since the app said it was in stock there because NO Sephora in San Diego had it. When I saw it I instantly was obsessed. Each shade was perfect! The size was also great. I LOVED everything about the palette. I swooped it right up! I have not stopped using it since the purchase! I can do literally any kind of eyeshadow look I want to with this palette & I have! Anything from light & fresh - to - dark & vampy. OBSESSED!

 - The palette includes 14 Shadows. 7 Shimmer & 7 Matte. A dual ended brush & a trial size of the full exposure mascara.

- The brush included is everything! The flufffy blendy side is the best! It blends out the eyeshadows seamlessly. The other end is double sided! One side is synthetic specifically for the shimmer & the other one is not for the matte shades.

-  The mascara is great , it has a big brush which I love & it makes big lashes. LOVE

- Each shimmer has a corresponding matte shade. You don’t even have to really think about what will go with what. They all go well together. The matte shades are so rich , velvety & buttery! The shimmer shades are beautiful but I would suggest spraying either
a) fix + b) elf mist & set c) eye drops
on your brush to make the colors really last & not get as much fall out. 

(Top Row)

S1 : a chocolate brown with golden shimmer.
S2 : warm copper with golden shimmer
S3 : lighter coppery gold with golden shimmer
S4 : champagne with gold & silver shimmer
S5 : light pewter with silver shimmer
S6 : taupe with silver shimmer
S7 : graphite steel with silver shimmer

(Bottom Row)

M1 : chocolate brown
M2 : neutral brown
M3 : warm toned light brown
M4 : pale beige 
M5 : taupe
M6 : deep cool toned brown
M7 : black

- Like any other high end eyeshadow palette this one is a little pricey, but its all about quality! Which this one definitely has. These eyeshadows can go with anyone & everyone’s eye shape & skin tone. 

Jade OH HEY Glittery Eye Tutorial

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Melt Cosmetics Belladonna Look

Neon Lips & Neutral Eyes Tutorial

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Soft Romantic Tutorial

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